City of Reign

Underground adventures

Or how I came back from the dead and learned to love dungeoneering.

I trust the order not to give me assignments beyond my abilities. As the burning pain spreads through my body, I wonder if the order foresaw the wyvern.

That wannabe dragon sure was fast! I danced and dodged my way around it but couldn’t hit it at all. Things only got worse when it stabbed me with its tail.

Thump-thump. Thump-thump.

I can feel my heart slowing as the poison spreads. At least the paladins were able to slay the beast, but is it too late?

My vision is dimming, and I realize that I’m laying on the floor, unable to stand as i breath what may be my final breaths.

Thump… thump.

I’m ready to die, as all men must, but my job is unfinished. Surely the Many Faced god wanted me to defeat mr Fancyhats. Perhaps not though, my eyes close.

Thump… thump…. Thump… thump.

All I hear is my slowing heartbeat, each beat coming slower and louder in my ears. I am a failure, I’m sorry. My only hope is that my companions can finish the job I started and bring balance to the world by avenging my death.

Thump… and then silence.

I’m ready.

“Your task is unfinished,” a quiet voice in the darkness. “I’m sorry” I reply though I can’t feel my body and surely couldn’t be speaking aloud.

“Be not sorry for all men die.” I know this, it is the way of my order, but I’m angry. Why must I die before him? Why must I die before my work is done?

“You will die… but you need not die now. The choice is yours. Die now and be released from my service, or live and complete your work.”

Yes! I will finish the job, mr Fancyhats will perish by my hand!

“That is not the whole of your work.”

It never was. I gave myself to the Many Faced god long ago. My job is to restore order and balance, my foe is but one agent of chaos. I will give the rest of my life to the order. I will not quit and I will not fail.

“Very well.”


My vision returns as does the warmth in my limbs. With a racking cough, I breath the dank, underground air once more. It is delicious.

I see my companions, alive and well. But where did mr Fancyhats go? The bastard got away again!

We decide to continue searching the underground of this manor. There’s an old door, jammed shut with age. Good thing we brought the muscle along. Sir Tor makes short work of the door and we’re through.

Now we’re in the family crypts, it appears. This area is old and seems untouched for years. I’m tempted to open one of these tombs, but I remember my mission. I’m not here for wealth, and there is no balance to be found in robbing graves.

We move on into a deeper part of the crypts, where the natural caves begin. The way out is through. We move on.

There are some tracks here, not humanoid, but otherwise unknown. We must be careful so I draw my scimitar from its sheath and face the darkness without fear. I’ve already died once, surely it is not my time.

This cave has seen use more recently than has the crypt. But it is not some beast that we find, near a caved in section of the tunnel, but a drunken dwarf. He is stuck, and nearly dead from dehydration. That’s what happens when you drink alcohol instead of water, I guess.

We rescue the dwarf and I’m able to heal him with the help of the paladins. I don’t think he is a minion of Fancyhats, but I’ll keep my eyes on him to be sure.

It turns out that he has been tunneling underground all the way from the islands off the coast! He must have been underground for some time, which might explain the smell…

He is grateful, as he should be, and he agrees to help us out as we continue to explore.

I mark the walls with chalk so we can retrace our steps later. After a few turns the cave opens up into a huge cavern with a large waterfall. Who knew that such wonders existed just under our feet!

Elsadeen approached the water’s edge and something reached out and began pulling her in. Quickly, I threw some rope out to her, but to no avail. We were both being pulled to a watery grave. Only the strength of Sir Tor saved us.

It was at that point that Meumi began praying over the water, perhaps to bring peace to the upset spirits within the water. After a blood offering, the waters parted, leading downward.

I decided to leave the exploration to the paladins, and take our dwarven friend back to his tunnel. Kager went with.

We made it back to the dwarven tunnel and prepared to part ways with our new friend, an alliance having been made. He was happy to hear the the temple of Nar was defeated in Reign and promised to help us carry our loot to the underground market. It seems these tunnels run farther than they seem.

When I returned to the cavern, Sir Tor was standing atop the waterfall, seemingly quite happy with himself. The paladins were busy looting the drowned corpses but I don’t wish to make use of the waterlogged gear. Better to leave the gear in its watery grave.


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