The City of Reign

You wish to come to our city? Be warned traveller, for there is much you must learn before entering our gates. Long ago, these lands were nothing but a wasteland, littered with the bodies of a long, bloody war. It was the Dwarven king of Nar that started this fray, destroying the roads which connected the two cities of Alexandria and New Sokket. The Dwarves believed the roads travelled too close to their mountain. They demanded that all trade must stop across the plains, and instead be routed elsewhere, and all those who did not abide would perish. The cities descended upon the mountain dwarves with all their might. For years, battles were waged at the gates of the dwarven kingdom, but was not until the Wizard Eozi joined the struggle, that the Cities of men start to turn the tides.
With unknown dark magic, he drove the dwarves deep into their mines; where he sealed them in, and destroyed their monolithic underground city. Once victorious, Eozi was granted the lands at the bottom of the mountain, with the only stipulation to keep the roads protected, and the commerce between Alexandria and New Sokket profitable. Regin was born.
No one is quite sure how Eozi built the city. The story is told that he poured his own blood upon the earth, and it grow from the ground like a vicious weed. What I can tell you is, it has attracted the most dubious of souls. The city is in a constant struggle for power, between the powerful factions within the city.

City of Reign

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